Welcome to Togeth૪ing

Enjoy the finest in shared experiences with an app that lets you Co-Listen and Co-Watch your favorite music and videos with friends and fam even without downloading it. What’s more; it lets you win instant rewards and assured discounts too.

Togeth૪ing is :

  • Instantaneous, Safe, Synchronous, and Collaborative
  • A cool new way to do things Togeth૪ without sharing Screen or Device
  • Your virtual hangout where Co-Action earns you rewards

Who We Are

We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who believe in the power of togetherness and everything we can achieve collectively. At the helm is our Founder and CEO Maadhav Bhide who came up with the idea of Togeth૪ing when he felt the need to have an app that could allow people to enjoy music together in real time irrespective of time or distance.

Thus began a journey that has now evolved into a complete ecosystem that brings together brands, communities, and individuals to help them CONNECT COMMUNICATE CELEBRATE.

Why Togeth૪ing

It empowers every smartphone user to become a successful influencer and build a high-revenue business instantly

It’s not just an app, but a platform. It’s not just a tribe, but an entire ecosystem. It’s not just for individual users, but for startups and flourishing businesses too. You could be anybody, but you can definitely become somebody once you use it.

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  • It’s a 100% safe and secure form of 2-way communication
  • It mixes fun and business like no other
  • It fosters deep connections between brands and customers