Cool new ways to win assured discounts and instant coupons

Rewards and Discounts

Listen to music or enjoy videos of your choice together (Co-Listen and Co-Watch) with friends to generate instant discounts and coupons. With the best deals from your favorite restaurants, you can plan surprise parties or binge as often as you like. Now did we say the way to your stomach is through your phone?

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Shared Entertainment

Real-time connections are best enjoyed with Togeth૪ing. It’s where you can Co-Watch, Co-Listen, and do stuff together with synced playback and shared controls for an immersive collective shared experience. Stream videos or play music together so that every participant in the call sees and hears at the same time to enjoy moments together. You can continue to chat or multitask during Co-Action.

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Fun Features

Chat Within Chat - Why chat privately when you can take a dig then and there on the same screen with a chosen few without leaving the group chat? Explore our Chat Within Chat feature to have fun without leaving the group chat screen.

Not Just Photos and Videos - Don’t stop at just photos and videos because you can now build your own library of watchlists and book reads to let your tribe know you better.

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