What is Togeth૪ing?

Togeth૪ing is 2D Metaverse built upon an interactive content distribution system. It's a platform built for collaborative activity and to upgrade eCommerce. Togeth૪ing is made for creators and consumers, creators can build their own channels and users can watch sports, photos, movies or webseries together, or listen to music, podcasts, read books together, synchronously in real time despite their geographic location.

How Togeth૪ing is different from other collaboration tools/ apps/ platforms?

While Togeth૪ing you need not have to share the screen but still offering control to all members of the group. And simultaneously you can chat or have video call.

Can we invite users who have Not downloaded Or registered on the Togeth૪ing app Or platform?

Yes, You can invite your family or friends Or other contacts to start instant Togeth૪ing with them even if they are Not registered on the app. You can send invitation on other social media apps Or through text messages Or emails.

Which Media Can I use for Togeth૪ing?

You can choose media from your phone/laptop/desktop gallery. Togeth૪ing also supports media from any cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc. Users can browse our galleries of vatious platforms like Youtube, Toonz, Wow Kidz, Amar Chitra Katha, and Spotify.